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Does Canelo want to remain undisputed champion?

Does Canelo want to remain undisputed champion?

The next few days will be crucial to see if Canelo will be able to continue showcasing his title as the undisputed world champion as he has been doing since November 2021, when he collected all the super middleweight belts.

The next few days will be crucial to find out Saul Alvarez He will be able to continue to show his brand Undisputed world champion As he has been doing since November 2021, when he collected all the super middleweight belts.

An organization that supports him as king, in this case International Boxing Federation (IBF)He has been asked to provide a mandatory defense before William Skull (22-0, 9 KO) contends that, at this point in his career, it doesn’t make sense to face him.

They had until this week to negotiate or bid, but they asked for another week and were granted to make that long-awaited decision on whether to take the fight or not.

Scenarios may vary in this regard, and it will not only depend on which channel it leads to cinnamon And his manager Eddie ReynosoBut to fully understand the situation, there are three clear options: Confrontation William Skull The first is to comply with the mandatory battle – even though the battle is illogical – the second is to convince Skull of his own payment to wait his turn and the third is to lose the uncontested label by telling Skull and The International Federation of Football no.

The first scenario is now the most complicated. No one wants to fight with Skull, an unbeaten Cuban who few know and who could be a loss for everyone economically, even for Canelo himself who will certainly have to take a lower guarantee when there are fighters like him. Edgar Berlanga also Jermall Charlo That at least they could guarantee him something more.

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The second option would not only cost him some money, because Skull would have to accept “stepping down,” but it would also depend on what Cuban wants, because if he wanted to confirm his role as mandatory contender, he would likely end up with it. Facing another competitor and not cinnamon.

On the other hand, at least if he obtained a certain amount, he would definitely continue fighting and could ask for a chance to support cinnamon To introduce yourself.

The third is to give up the IBF belt and perhaps some others.

If you’re going to stop being the undisputed champion, maybe it’s worth it for others to start fighting for the vacant titles and then… Saul Alvarez He returns to face new champions, which will not only add to his advantage economically, but also statistically.

Another issue is that Sheikh Turki Al-Sheikh intends to hold a battle next year between… cinnamon And Terence CrawfordThe value of that fight for the undisputed super middleweight championship will be greater than some clashes over just one, two or three belts.

Yes cinnamon Victories would expand his legacy, but if Crawford does so he will be the first three-time undisputed champion.

So the options are those, and each one comes with a certain cost, we will see if Canelo and his manager Eddy Reynoso will be able to convince the participants to keep the title of undisputed champion, or if they choose to leave that story until they wait to find it. Themselves on the road with new heroes in the future.

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