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Does Angela Aguilar use hip implants in her concerts?

Does Angela Aguilar use hip implants in her concerts?

After seeing some pictures Angela Aguilar Hand in hand with her boyfriend, Christian AqdiAfter landing in Ecuador, some voices on the internet started saying that she looked much thinner than she did on stage.

Hector Vivas/Getty Images

At the airport, coordinating her jeans and black T-shirt look with her love, we see the Mexican wearing some high-waisted straight jeans, which makes her look very slim. However, on stage, with tight pants and a corset, the artist seems to have wider hips and a more pronounced butt, a woman with curvy curves.

This difference has led some commentators to suggest that Aguilar uses fillers to act as a filler, which are sponges similar to those used by drag queens To shape your body and make it more feminine and sexy.

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However, we know the power of fashion and how clothes can make us look one way or another. Anyway, in case you have any doubts, his sister Annelise Aguilar He cleared our doubts by sharing a very natural picture from the gym.

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In the photo we can see Angela wearing a set of very tight white leggings and a lycra top, with a sheen of sweat on her face after enjoying a Pilates class, and her hair tied up in two braids. With those tight leggings we can see that Pepe Aguilar’s daughter has an hourglass silhouette, with a narrow waist and strong buttocks.

Anneliese, for her part, wears a similar outfit, consisting of a short shirt and tights, but in black with a scalloped waist.

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