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DJ Adoni defends his humility after being accused of arrogance

DJ Adoni defends his humility after being accused of arrogance

to the popular mixer DJ Addoni Criticism rained down on him after he appeared in a video rushing into a presentation as part of the celebrations for Monte Plata’s patron saint.

In the clip released on Friday morning, Adoni avoids listening to the caller Emilio Angels, who approaches him when he sees him go on stage, in addition to avoiding one of the dancers he finds in his path, an action he had previously been denied. Internet users.

In response to the comments, the creator of “The Opinion Is Yours” explained that they “put pressure on me to have to come up because the city has been waiting for me since 5:00 pm and I had to come up at 10:00 pm” and trust that his humility is genuine.

“Apologies to the dancer.”

In the post, Adoni received support from personalities such as Hector Acosta (El Toreto), Santiago Matias, David Ortiz and Edwin Encarnacion.

Stop explaining. You had hours of waiting, you arrived early. I focused on your offer, ”Santiago Matias.

You are a big brother, may God bless you.” El Toreto.

“djadoni Calm down my son, if you are DJ Pepito, no one says anything…. Whoever criticizes you criticizes his mother, your humility has no limits, keep breaking it”, David Ortiz.

Everyone who knows you know what kind of person you are, if there is one thing that sets you apart it is your humility, don’t take yourself away from people who want to see you fail, have more people who support you, remember to always go see someone waiting for any stupidity to dump you The only thing I’m telling you is that God set you up and no one on earth will have more power than God to take blessings and keep falling apart.” Edwin Encarnacion

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