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Barbara Bermudo leaves her husband speechless by giving him the surprise of his life!

Barbara Bermudo leaves her husband speechless by giving him the surprise of his life!

Birthday is always a blessing, but if it is a leap year, the celebration is even more special and important because of what it represents. February 2024, Mario Andres Moreno He was able to celebrate in style the day he was born on the corresponding date. What the journalist did not even imagine was that his wife, Barbara BermudoPrepare the surprise of his life.

The Puerto Rican reporter organized something her daughters' father will never forget. A gift put into it with all the love and enthusiasm. As such, the result couldn't have been more endearing and emotional for the birthday boy.

The successful businesswoman made the impossible possible. “It was a very special night because Mario was able to celebrate Leap Year with his seven children and my parents for the first time,” Bermudo told exclusively. People in Spanish.

At a time when it is difficult to unite agendas, love was stronger and the broadcaster was able to celebrate his life with those who are his greatest pride and greatest loved ones. “We are in a world that moves in a very fast way, so when we see the opportunity to share these priceless moments, we make the most of it. Today, reprioritizing and focusing on family is a challenge, but even if that is the case, “the good thing is It's an exciting time,” Barbara shared before this exciting meeting.

With the birthday boy, Mario.

Courtesy of B Bermudo

This was possible thanks to the complicity of his family, and of course, Tom Angelo, owner of the wonderful Italian restaurant Fiola located in Miami, where the celebration was held and who carefully paid attention to every detail. From the invitations to the decoration of the table and the presentation of each dish. A space visited by prominent figures such as William Levi, Mark Anthony, Jay Z, Lily Stephen And Raul de Molinaamong many others.

The stars of his life were there, his seven children, who did not want to miss this unique and unrepeatable moment with his father figure, his great role model. The meeting was attended by Mario A. Moreno Jr. and his fiancée Alexandra Alvarez, Daniel Moreno, Michelle Moreno and her husband Brandon Rodriguez, Camila Moreno, Mia Moreno, Sofia Moreno and Barbara's parents, Magali Bermudo and Gustavo Bermudo.

Moreno family.

Courtesy of B Bermudo

Celebrating Mario A. Moreno.

Courtesy of B Bermudo

He added: “The best gift for her is to see all her children together and in this special year it was possible to achieve this. Those whose birthday falls on February 29 are waiting like those who wait for the arrival of the World Cup, which is a celebration every four years.” Host with a sense of humour. As she herself points out, “In the United States alone there are about two million people who share an ‘invisible’ or leap birthday.”

And what does Mario do when there are 29 days in February? Well, very interesting. “He takes advantage of the opportunity and celebrates it on February 28 and March 1,” continued Barbara, who also highlighted her husband's great love for his parents, who are responsible for his existence in this world. “For Mario, celebrating with his parents is also important, and when he has the opportunity, even for 24 hours, he goes to visit them because, according to him, the celebration should also be for those who gave us life.”

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A meeting that left Mario with a happy heart and a permanent smile, as well as deep love and gratitude towards the creator of this magical moment: his life partner and perfect partner, Barbara.

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