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Disney+ will premiere “Welcome to Necaxa,” a documentary about the Rayos family.

Disney+ will premiere “Welcome to Necaxa,” a documentary about the Rayos family.

the Necaxa rays They will have a new documentary series from Hand. FX and Disney+ in Latin Americawhich will initially be called,Welcome to Necaxa“This project will Producers To the team owners, Eva Longoria, Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney.

Welcome to Necaxa

The production team will return to the idea that began in 2022 with “Welcome to Wrexham“, a documentary series that has already had three seasons, which tells the story of Mystery and Tradition From the English team, which has gradually risen to the top, promising to one day sneak into the Premier League.

This agreement was entered into with FX/Disney+ after its inception. Eva Longoria as Investor for Mexican clubSo, for Rayos fans, it’s great news that their team is back in the biggest spotlight in the world.

Filming starts today, Tuesday, July 8th.in AguascalientesAfter spending a few days in Pre-production in Mexico CityThe series apparently has not confirmed its title yet, but it was announced this way because it will have a similar format to that of the series. Wrexham which inspired this proposal.

What will the Necaxa series be?

The series, according to FX, will follow the team’s journey across the world. Opening 2024 And It will be based on the resurgence of Necaxa.which stopped several years ago. protagonist in mexico“While Mexican-American owner Eva Longoria tries to breathe new life into the team with the help of her friends, including new co-owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds.”

This proposal as The goal is to reposition the “Club Necaxa” brand. And redirect its value in sports circles, putting it back on the map, taking advantage of content consumption trends, through football on TV, but also through Flow section.

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Who will participate?

The series will be Produced by Hyphenate Media Group By Eva Longoria, the brand is affiliated with Banjay CEO Cris Abrego. The three, along with Abrego, are executive producers on the series, along with Rachel Mendes, Nick Frenkel, Jackie Cohn, George Dewey and Alex Fumero. In addition to Hyphenate Media Group, the yet-to-be-titled project will be produced by More Better Productions, Maximum Effort Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment.