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Diet in the Paleolithic |  This is how the Paleo diet works for weight loss

Diet in the Paleolithic | This is how the Paleo diet works for weight loss

Paleolithic Diet: This is how this weight loss system worksPixabay

at the time of Weight lossAny help is welcome. Some people adopt certain things Diets to lose weightWhich become real philosophies of life. This is the case of the Paleo diet. A diet that focuses on eating the same things that our ancestors ate thousands of years ago. Like all diets, it has many admirers and also many detractors. Some choose to follow it only at certain times, for example During dinner. If you are also interested in knowing all the details Paleolithic diet Here we tell you all the details.


What is the paleo diet?

the Paleo diet It is a system based on consuming foods that our ancestors already ate in the Paleolithic era. So this Diet It indicates that we can eat foods that humans ate before the advent of agriculture. It also receives other names such as Diet in the Stone Age also Caveman diet.

Lean meat is allowed on the Paleo diet

What foods can you eat on a Paleolithic diet?

the Paleo diet Depends on consumption Fish, meat, fruits and vegetablesThat is, everything that could be obtained in the past through hunting, fishing, and gathering.

What foods are prohibited in the Paleolithic diet?

the Paleolithic diet It is recommended not to consume the products Dairy, legumes and potatoes And pills. Of course, all processed foods and sugars are also prohibited in this diet.

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Contraindications to a paleo diet

Experts point out that excluding some foods such as Dairy Or legumes can generate deficiencies in the diet, for example with regard to calcium. Not eating dairy products for a long time can lead to bone and tooth problems. In addition, it is contraindicated for pregnant women and people with kidney problems.

The best diets for weight loss

If you want to lose weight andPaleo dietIt doesn't convince you, don't worry, we suggest other thingsDiets to lose weightWhich can adapt more to your pace of life. You can try for a few days with Yogurt diet Or with him Lemon system. Both are short-term diets and it is not recommended to extend them over time.

If you really want to Lose those extra pounds in a healthy way and forever In order not to restore it, you must follow AHealthy diet And balancedAnd performancePhysical exercise On a regular basis. Only a combination of these healthy lifestyle habits will make you look An enviable personality.