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Finlay and in honor of one of Cuba’s greatest sciences (+ photos)

Located at No. 5 of Avenue Cristo, in the space of the city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Center functions among the most important social and cultural projects of the Office of the City Historian of Camaguey.

Carlos J. Finlay, the discoverer of the agent that transmits yellow fever, who in the first half of the last century was questioned about the authorship of the transcendental study, awarded to the American physician Walter Reed, is currently one of the most prominent figures in the world .. the scientific section in the history of the largest of the Antilles.

“We can say that this city is proud to be the cradle of one of the continent’s most outstanding researchers,” according to Maria del Carmen Ponton, principal specialist at Natal House.

“And in times of Covid-19, his legacy continues, and this house is a sample of projects also linked to the University of Medical Sciences of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, a sign that focused primarily on new generations,” Benton commented.

Literary and cultural projects, physical activity in the open air and a series of services for the population, which also focus on people from the age of three and those with physical or mental disabilities, are the task of a group of specialists.

“Our mission goes beyond spreading and promoting the heritage values ​​of the buildings, we emphasize the health and wellbeing of different age groups and even link up with primary schools to awaken interest in study and knowledge in children,” he completed his Master of Science degree.

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Among the obligatory places of visit for lovers of city tourism in this region, the house of Carlos J. Finlay Natal stands out, a place with a distinctive style of the colonial era and which stands out among the architectural, historical and cultural attractions also known as the City of Churches.

With the rise of the tourist season, and the gradual increase in the number of international visitors, places such as this museum have been added to the city attractions, the cradle as well as emblems of Cuban culture, such as the national poet Nicholas Gillen (1902-1989) and the famous poet Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda (1814-1873). ).

Medicine Day is celebrated in Latin America in connection with the date of birth of Carlos J. Finley, on December 3, 1833, the researcher who concluded that between an infected subject and a healthy one, there was an independent agent transmitting yellow fever, was able to identify Aedes aegypti as the biological vector.

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