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Diego Coca was pressured into the preview of the final match between Atlas and FC Lyon by Legila

Diego Coca was pressured into the preview of the final match between Atlas and FC Lyon by Legila

Atlas and FC Lyon will meet in Jalisco in the final of the 2021 Apertura and Diego Coca has received the first warning from a manager.

Diego Coca began receiving the first pressure from an Atlas club manager ahead of the inaugural 2021 Final against FC Lyon at Jalisco.

With the world’s 3-2 tally the result of the first leg at Lyon, fans and managers will be hoping for a good result in their first appearance in the Liga MX Final in 22 years.

However, Red-Black Corporation president and owner of the Orlegi Group, Irarragorri, ended up warning Cocca about the winning method for Los. foxes Atlas Mode is expected to have an impact on players.

“I think ‘Atlas style’ should mean the winning team, how do you win? With intensity and passion, you fight every inch of the field every minute and also off the field and that’s part of Atlas’ transformation,” he primarily said in an interview with TUDN.

In addition, he called on the fans to respect their opponents in Jalisco: “That responsibility (to open the stadium) has to be with enthusiasm, but also with masks and in an important way in terms of respecting rival fans because it is a form of demonstration. We seek to take this institution to another level. And not as in other places where we have suffered so much, the various provocations that have even appeared in the media during all this time, and I am convinced that they also affect what happens on the ground and we are convinced that we have to win on the field.”

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Finally, he referred to the supposed “pressure” that the coaching staff is experiencing: “More than pressure is an enormous responsibility and accounts for everything that this group of players led by Diego (Koka) and Pepe Restra have done a wonderfully extraordinary job, he’s a student at home, and he’s The creator of this entire management model.”