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The Katie Martinez video that touched the American fans

The Katie Martinez video that touched the American fans

Female America Has made important announcements in the past few hours, since the layoff Alison Gonzalez s Scarlett Camberos To strengthen their attack, all the way to casualties Stephanie Ribeiro s Ana Gabriela Lozada, the last of the champion players in that tournament 2018 Apertura under the leadership Leonardo Cuellar.

Despite this, there is an official acknowledgment of this Hobby They are looking forward to its size. And that’s since the attacker’s arrival kuabaThere was a lot of uproar, which was amplified by a video that aired in the final hours of the introduction.

user in Twitter, Manolo Morales (@Manolo006_), posted on his account a side of a few seconds, but it would make it clear that Katie Keeler It is already blue cream. There you can see the football player walking inside the facilities nest Already in clothes and number 9 on the shorts.

Reactions were numerous after the publication and fans’ expectations grew when they saw another unofficially confirmed bombshell for the women’s team, which would have the tournament’s all-time top scorer. Women’s Liga MX in their ranks in addition to the pieces already in the team.

This way, the only thing missing is that Female America announced with great fanfare to Katie Martinez As his new player in search of his second title in this category.

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