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Diego Coca shakes up the squad against Panama: Santi starts the first half

Diego Coca shakes up the squad against Panama: Santi starts the first half

after defeat Mexico in view of United State, In the Semi-finals affiliate CONCACAF League of NationsAnd Diego Coca to make series of changes in the lineup to be measured PanamaRegarding his performance in the match against the Stars and Stripes group.

So Fateful meeting They will just repeat as headlines: Guillermo OchoaAnd Israel ReyesAnd Jesus GallardoAnd Luis Chavez And Uriel Antonaand the rest different playersthat they were not active in that duel or that they showed little like a case Ozil Herreraand the main granny, someone the fans were screaming for, Santiago Jimenezindicates to be bootable.

Regarding tactical position There is also a change to this match against the channel and that is I left behind the line of three defenders to convert it to Four in defense: Two centers and two wings, something similar to what he introduced when he started his operation at the beginning of this year.

How will Mexico line up in the third-place match?

Ochoa stays in goal, team captainand a key clip in this conversation that the players spoke with art Device For smoothing rough edges for various Non-conformity that the staff had.

For defense, Reyes was preserved, who will now accompany him Johann Vasquez And Jesus GallardoGood Gerardo Artega been expelled before United States of AmericaWhile it will be the right side Julian Araujo.

In midfield there will be only two players Louis Romo And Eric SanchezWhile in front of them there will be a line of three players made up of Ozil HerreraAnd Luis Chavez And Uriel Antona.

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In attack is the other important change with Shakito Jimenezwhich is an element that passes through a Good football momentthen in Holland with the Feyenoord He was fighting for the scoring championship, just like in European league.

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