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Once the crisis is overcome, Diego Coca achieves catharsis and therapy and closes ranks

Once the crisis is overcome, Diego Coca achieves catharsis and therapy and closes ranks

Rafael RamosESPN Digital Sports AnalystJune 17, 2023, 8:44 p.m. ETReading: 3 minutes.

LAS VEGAS – Gadgets came from the unexpected. Mexico has been enhanced by media changes. Copying the anxious, trapezoidal, runaway-prone, complaining, disappointed, anxious players, they ended up giving the group rigidity and solidarity.

The Argentine coach is confident the storm has passed after the United States have been battered.Palestinian Authority

The best medicine in Mexican national team came from abroad. From healers without intentions. recognize him Diego Coca. On Friday night, instead of a video session, there was group therapy, trap, magicians. Instead of legs flying, there were brain storms.

In a press conference at Allegiant Stadium before the duel for third place in the The League of Nations Against Panama, team coach three He indicated that in this meeting, more salient than urgent, and more spontaneous than planned, Diego Coca Anatomy of the high points of the course.

“We hope (in this meeting) that we have taken the positive from the match against the United States. Having created a bond, having understood that we were wrong and that we have the right to be wrong, but we are smart not to be wrong anymore. To grow, to unite, For telling us hot and interesting things, things she’s been carrying around for years.

“We are in the process of communicating, understanding each other, coming to an agreement, entering the court, understanding the situations that change during the game, giving them the tools, all without losing the spirit of competition and growth. That is the key, and if we develop game by game, because sometimes You grow more in defeat than in victory, and here is the lesson, to grow in this way, people will realize it, managers will realize it and we will give them more time to continue growing, ”the Argentine coach pointed out.

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Coca He admitted there had been displays of discontent and annoyance on the part of the players, from logistical issues to tactical and disciplinary matters, including discomfort by those who feel they have the urgency and the right to play.

“Many people said to me, they said it to my face. So being able to answer your questions is important. Is the hotel far from where the training is? Yes, but the field they assigned us to was not in good shape and training well is important. How long are the trainings? Yes Because it is very important for us that the player understands the idea, and within all those practices they were able to understand that we can solve all those doubts that they had of a tactical nature, and that is why there are long practices, but there is recovery time, rest time and time to go out and play.”

next to, Diego Coca He gave particular value to the positive details that emerged after the defeat against the United States and, as an example, praised the fact that Cesar Montes declared his repentance in front of his teammates, opponents and fans.