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Did you know that you can recharge your cell phone battery without a charger?

Did you know that you can recharge your cell phone battery without a charger?

mobile phones They have become a technological tool that accompanies us everywhere we go, meetings, university, school, dating and even just going for a walk in the street. So it is Mobile phone charging is very important to stay in touch with our loved ones throughout the day.

We’ll tell you How can you recharge a cell phone even if you don’t have a receptacle near you And a few tips so that your device does not discharge so quickly. Well, one of the ways to get more chances of getting pregnant is to simply Always carry a charger cable, as it can be used to adapt to a USB port From any computers or cars that already have this connection.

Also, there is an option reverse charge, Which works by connecting two cell phones in two ways: through a cable or wirelessly – according to specialized portals this technology has been included in some cell phones since 2019 – so one of the two cell phones will work as a portable charger, Select option ‘reverse charge’.

For any of the two reverse charging methods, you have to go to your cell phone settings, select Battery, Then Performance and finally enable reverse charging. If you do not have this option, it is likely that your cell phone does not have this function. It should be noted that there are more possibilities than the traditional charger such as the portable solar charger, Wireless charger or battery charging application, you can try to download an application with this function, which through shaking the mobile phone or continuous shaking of the device, among other options, will provide charging.

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Remember that you can also take some precautions to avoid draining the battery quickly, such as turning off the battery GPS, Bluetooth or even Wi-Fi, Lower the screen brightness, don’t use animated wallpapers and enable sleep mode Energy saving.