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Did Kate del Castillo undergo surgery?  Look at her change in appearance

Did Kate del Castillo undergo surgery? Look at her change in appearance

mexican actress, Kate del CastilloShe wanted to share with her fans how she has changed in her new job and how her classic black hair is now indistinguishable from the gray strands. “New function, new look #silverhair”“, wrote the protagonist queen of the south, Who is one Defender of natural beauty, In the post. We are accustomed to seeing Del Castillo With black or chocolate brown hair. Although she chose some time ago to highlight her hair to look different.

In the pictures you can see that it is still in the bleaching stage and some other pictures with your hairdresser, although many women prefer to hide their gray hair, Kate del Castillo She has reinvented her look with a color that makes her stand out. After her birthday last October, the famous actress may have wanted to change her look or perhaps be working on a new series or movie. The artist did not provide more details about the radical change.

Gray, silver or gray hair is a trend followed by older women who want to transition to their natural color because they already have gray hair at the roots, as well as others who want to try other shades to look different.

In the comments of the post, there were many messages, from those who accused her of looking older, and from those who doubted her new appearance and wanted to know more about the project. We do not know the details of this new work, but Reina del Sur, which is famous despite the years, looks impressive.

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