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Despite JCE’s warning, PLD marches into capital today  Momento.net

Despite JCE’s warning, PLD marches into capital today Momento.net

Abel Martinez will lead the march.

SANTO DOMINGO – In the same way as the Popular Power Party (FP) did last week, the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) intends to appeal on Saturday the decision of the Central Electoral Council (JCE) banning the holding of rallies and other outdoor activities. Events during the present pre-evangelization campaign.

The opposition entity will organize a “March of Hope” next Saturday in the neighborhoods of the third electoral district in the National District, led by its former presidential candidate, Abel Martinez.

It was scheduled to start in the afternoon on 18th Street at the corner of downtown Guali, travel through the Espaillat Extension, April 24, Las Cañetas, Simón Bolívar, and Cabotillo, and end on Duarte Street.

“We call on the citizens, men and women of the city, and the youth of the capital who are suffering from the cruelty of improvisation and chaos on the part of the PLD government, to join us in this march to save the hope, which represents the electoral victory of Abel Martinez,” explained William Espinosa, PLD Chairman in the constituency. mentioned.

He said Martinez represents the real hope for the return of progress to the Dominican people, for a better country and a government that leaves behind improvisation and chaos.

He pointed out that it was an activity organized by the “People’s Liberation Party” “in solidarity with the just demands of citizens, against the rise in food and medicine prices, unemployment, power outages, insecurity, deterioration of services, and many other evils that “lead” to the state of anguish and despair that the country is experiencing, especially in the neighborhoods of the capital. “.

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JCE ban

Based on legal provisions, last month the Joint Electoral Commission issued a statement prohibiting parties from organizing open-air rallies and marches, as well as placing billboards, during the previous election campaign.

On August 28 pThe groups Popular Force (FP), Dominican Liberation (PLD), and Dominican Revolution (PRD) asked the Joint Committee on Education to reject this resolution. They asked the plenary session of this body to “adhere to the constitution, electoral laws, and existing jurisprudential precedents.”

They considered that it “violates basic rights and completely ignores the decisions issued by the Supreme Administrative Court and the Constitutional Court.”

The FP is headed by former President of the Republic Leonel Fernandez (1996-2000, 2004-2008 and 2008-2012) and the PLD is also headed by former President Danilo Medina (2012-2016 and 2016-2020).

The Joint Commission International believed it and issued a warning

Two days later, the Joint Electoral Commission ratified the ban and warned that it would apply administrative penalties ranging from one to 200 minimum wages to political organizations, candidates and their representatives or campaign managers who organize demonstrations before announcing the start of the election campaign. .

His warning came in Resolution (No. 53-2023) issued in response to the request of the three aforementioned parties to cancel his decision to ban public activities and propaganda during the pre-election campaign period.

FP rallied at Valverde

In defiance of the Joint Electoral Commission, the National Front held an open-air rally led by its pre-presidential candidate and former president of the republic, Leonel Fernandez, last Sunday, August 3, in the city of Mau, in the northwest of the country.

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The activity took place on the corner of Constitución Street and 27 de Febrero, in the heart of Mao, the provincial capital. This was in support of the prior candidates of Senator Manuel Guicciardo, and Representatives Johany Guzmán, Segundo Munción, Adriana Ureña, Edilberto Cordero, Wellington Nuñez, Leocadio Batista and Victor Bottered, as well as for municipal positions in the municipalities of Valverde, Esperanza and Laguna Salada. .

A “conciliatory” meeting.

On Tuesday, 5 August, the Joint Electoral Commission invited party representatives to a meeting at its headquarters where matters relating to the legal provisions governing the pre-election campaign and the Dominican electoral period were analysed.

In it, the head of the Joint Electoral Commission, Roman Jaquez Liranzo, declared that this organization was clear about its role as an arbiter in the electoral process and warned that it would abide by the laws and the Constitution of the Republic.
He stressed that the Joint Electoral Commission is not the implementer of the electoral process, but rather the body that manages it, as indicated by the legal texts in this regard, as well as Article 212 of the Constitution, which stipulates the powers of each of: that body. an/am https://almomento.net/participacion-ciudadana-condena-desafio-de-partidos-ante-la-jce/

JCE warrants that it will operate in accordance with the laws and constitution of the Democratic Republic of the Congo