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Desimer Bueno threatens to sue Etoile Romero and Genti de Zona

Desimer Bueno threatens to sue Etoile Romero and Genti de Zona

Desimir Bueno and Randy Malcom, a member of Gent de Zona. (Decimer Bueno Facebook)

Controversy over profit sharing Home and life He continues, and now Desimer Bueno threatens to sue Utuel Romero and the members of the duo, Gentie De Zona.

Through a Facebook post, Bueno has shared new screenshots that he claims are proof of the validity of what he previously claimed.

In the pictures, you can see his dialogue with the translator also Michael Castillo, known as Maykel Osorbo, to whom Descemer sends information about the earnings percentages assigned to each collaborator in the song.

Desimer Bueno released the percentages last week, accusing Yotwell Romero of unfairly distributing royalties among interpreters of the rebellious success, which has so far added more than 5 million views on YouTube.

The singer-songwriter indicated that his colleagues in Cuba, Mikel Osorbo and Il Funky, would only get a third of what the other members requested, and Romero demanded that this situation be fixed.

As expected, a major controversy was unleashed that reached its culmination during an interview Yotuel and Descemer gave to Cuban YouTube and DJ Adrián Fernández. During that meeting, the former Orishas member asked Bueno not to confuse his personal problems with.Home and lifeAnd it became known that after two discussions on social networks, the rapper ended up banning his ex-colleague.

Bueno has received multiple criticisms for his behavior, and some users claim that he posted something public that could have been discussed privately. Meanwhile, others accused him of trying to harm his colleagues, and others indicated it was simply an attempt to gain attention.

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Hence, in a new post, Bueno threatened to sue Romero, as did the Gente de Zona singer, Randy Malcom and Alexander Delgado, who were also involved in the controversy.

“It is very simple, if Messrs Utuel Romero, Randy Malcolm and Alexander Delgado do not understand what happened in this confrontation with Alexander Ottola, and to express their admiration for him, they exclude me from the greatest potential exposure to the media, causing irreparable damage to my reputation and causing mockery of me. The aforementioned character, I will have no choice but to file a lawsuit against him, “Desmer wrote on Facebook.

“For those who question the percentages that I revealed days ago, I will attach here a message 23 as it was sent to me and the message from 25 when I sent it to Maikel, Randy was the one who sent it, but, he has absolutely no relationship with him. See this, He picked them up and sent them to me, “he explained about the screenshots.

Bueno defended his decision to take the issue to a public mediator, stating that it appeared to be disrespectful, despite his decision costing him the dismissal of many users on social networks.

He concluded, “I published it publicly because the matter for me was simply disrespectful as an attribution that was taken, without any right, at the time of my exclusion.”

It is very simple if it is a
Messrs Yotwell Romero, Randy Malcolm and Alexandre Delgado, You don’t understand what happened in …

Posted by Descemer good On Monday, May 10, 2021

This new post sparked a new wave of criticism of the singer-songwriter for continuing to expose the topic and make threats.

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Well unlikely, as a hustler, I imagine Yotuel, Alexander, Randy, and even those who have nothing to do with PThe Atrium and LifeOne of the users replied, “The desire to cooperate with you in the future will end.”

“How sad it is to see a great artist like you spread so much negative and against others. I loved listening to you. One piece of advice, leave that behind because your fans, like me, are going away little by little,” they indicated.

A third user on the Internet said, “You really don’t have dignity or respect, what a little shame you are and what is the lack of everything.”

The controversy initiated by Decimir Bueno only increased the rumors that the Cuban regime was already spreading, about how any attempt at activism or demonstrations of solidarity was motivated solely by the money it generated to its authors.

The official press until Note that the song must be namedHome and business, Because they even fought between the interpreters to distribute the profits.

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