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Las dudas de los demócratas ante los planes de reelección de Biden

Democrats skeptical of Biden’s re-election plans

The Democrats are embroiled in an internal debate over whether he is the right candidate to retain the White House, and his declining popularity and old age make him the longest-serving U.S. president in history.

Biden had already announced in March that he planned to run for a second term in the 2024 elections; But recently the Washington Post revealed that the senior politician had already expressed his desire to return to the polls to a small group of donors.

Despite the president’s intentions, it is doubtful whether he is the best candidate within the Democrats.

To address the controversy revived by some stores, such as The Washington Post, White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki confirmed at a news conference this week that Biden wants to run again.

When asked by reporters, “That’s his intention,” Zaki said.

His words echoed fiercely during this difficult time for Biden, as his approval rating has dropped to 42.9% since August, according to national opinion polls.

He attributed the lack of influence to the chaotic process of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, rising inflation and the fact that the narrow Democratic majority in Congress had great difficulty approving Biden’s economic reforms. Spoke anonymously.

A communication problem

According to the source, one of Biden’s biggest “challenges” was promoting his achievements among the electorate, including communications and, above all, a $ 1.9 trillion recovery plan to mitigate the consequences.

The president was able to approve his ambitious $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure plan in Congress this month.

Despite these achievements, Biden, the son of a used car dealer, has failed to resist the Republican’s ability in recent years to simplify complex issues and apply them effectively to his site. .

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Some lawmakers have expressed concern about the issue, including New York’s Sean Patrick Maloney, who heads the House Democrats’ re-election committee.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Maloney asked the White House to allow events to be held across the country to “release Joe Biden” and promote this infrastructure project, which is very popular with voters, especially before it “takes the next crisis information cycle.”

Legislative election, the main factor

Another factor that worries Maloney and other Democrat leaders is the narrow majority they now hold in the 2022 midterm elections – 221 seats compared to 213 Republicans – and the possibility of both parties losing in the Senate. Vice President Kamala Harris has 50 delegates despite receiving a tiebreaker vote.

Those fears have been heightened since the Democrats lost the governorship of Virginia earlier this month, when Biden won by a ten-point margin a year ago and was tormented by the re-election of Democrat New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy in a much tighter election than expected.

According to another Democratic source, these decisions have created a “warning” within the party that, after all, what they mean by the 2022 election is a referendum on the administration, which will be held two years after the presidential election. Chief Minister.

In the case of these elections, history is on the side of the Republicans because the party traditionally with the White House tends to lose seats in Congress.

Fight for re-election at 81 years old

Another factor playing against Biden’s re-election is age: he turned 79 last Saturday and will reach the 2024 election at the age of 81.

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Already in January 2020, Biden became the oldest person to accept the presidency at the age of 78.

After all, when asked by Efe, the third Democratic source wonders: “What is the alternative to Python? What other alternative is there for the Democrats?”

This is because no one has taken action to remove the party leader from office.

Harris was the logical choice for Biden’s victory, as many vice presidents in U.S. history have been presidential candidates, but the first woman to reach the vice presidency saw her public profile decline and its popularity decline.

Another option is Transport Secretary Pete Boutique or current Democratic candidate for governor of Texas Beato O’Rourke, who has already competed with Biden in the previous major parties, the two sources told EFE.