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Deadpool and Wolverine First Reviews: ‘On Par With Avengers’

Deadpool and Wolverine First Reviews: ‘On Par With Avengers’

the New Marvel Studios Movie,’Deadpool Wolverine“Just around the corner, and now that they’ve done a media tour, more is being revealed bit by bit. Details and leaks About the plot of this long-awaited movie.

The movie stars Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Paints to stand like One of the highest grossing films in recent years. Recently, a movie was shown. 40 minutes in Shanghai, And those in attendance were able to share a little bit about the experience and reveal some spoilers.

If you don’t want to hear about any news or rumors arising from this fan checkCome back when you see the movie, but if you can’t contain your excitement, here’s everything that was leaked.

What are the early reviews for Deadpool and Wolverine?

As a result of this projection, it became possible to know that through Reddit Forumsthat Deadpool and Wolverine will be “a very violent and fun movie, with great action scenes, an excellent soundtrack and many scenes.” deeply emotional

Although this does not reveal much, it is known that in the above Trailers It’s just a portion of those 40 minutes of film that was shared with the audience.

The spoilers

At the same time, there is talk of some heavy-handed cameos within the film, such as: Different versions of Logana Female version of Deadpool Which will be played by Ryan Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively, and the fight between them Wolverine skeleton.

It is also expected that there will be Multiple appearances by Fox’s X-Men charactersIn addition to the many Avengers “cut” in the void who will be part of the resistance to confront Cassandra Novathe villain of the movie.

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When is Deadpool and Wolverine released?

The most anticipated movie of the year, which could have a huge impact like what was seen with the conclusion of the Avengers in Avengers: End Game, In theaters July 25th.