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Date and time of sighting of the green comet in February 2023 | uses

One of the first astronomical phenomena that the world will be able to appreciate during the first weeks of 2023 is the passage of . This is considered one of the most impressive sights that repeat every 50,000 years. That is why this event aroused great curiosity among the people. Learn here when and how to see this orb pass by.

Many are preparing to witness the biggest event so far this year. 2023. It is about passing Green kite It can only be seen by each 50 thousand years And those whose ancestors go back to time Superior Paleolithic.

For many years, people have been interested in seeing shows in the sky like starsthe eclipse, among other phenomena. On this occasion, departure Green kite.

However, many wondered if this wonderful astronomical spectacle could be seen from different countries or only in some of them. Find out all the information below.


What is a green comet?

to me Last year, it was discovered by astronomers Container The comet known as C/2022 E3 (ZTF). The event occurred on March 12, 2022 and can be demonstrated thanks to the Zwicky Transit Facility’s astronomical robot.

What distinguishes this natural phenomenon is its shade of green that can be seen during its flight. That is why it is called “Green kite“.

the gate indicated that the event occurred in one of the missions of specialists when they used a wide-field survey camera through the 1.2-meter Schmidt telescope on Mount Palomar (USA).

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He adds that at that moment it was observed that the green comet was inside this system in the orbit of Jupiter.

Could it be dangerous to see a green comet?

People who want appreciation Green kite They can do that without any problem.

In this sense, experts pointed out that it is not necessary to use professional equipment to see this astronomical phenomenon.

Where can you see the green cometa?

the He argued that people in the northern hemisphere would have a better chance of seeing the green comet.

The aforementioned method recommends that you better observe them, all you need to do is turn your gaze to the northwest before dawn.

History of seeing the green cometa

Those who wish to witness this wonderful spectacle should take these dates into account:

  • February 1, 2023: closer to the ground.
  • February 2, 2023: It can be seen in Mexico.

Places in Mexico to see the green cometa

  • Xochicalco (morelos)
  • San Pedro Martyr National Park (Baja California)
  • Wirikota Desert (San Luis Potosi)
  • Pico de Orizaba National Park (Puebla)
Green kite

Green kite

When was the last time you were seen?

These celestial bodies can also be observed from Earth. Specifically, one of the last occasions on which one could be estimated was in July 2020. For that opportunity was Comet Neues.