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DACO monitors Liberty due to hundreds of customer complaints

DACO monitors Liberty due to hundreds of customer complaints

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) reported that it received hundreds of complaints related to the telephone and digital communications company Liberty Puerto Rico.

According to the interim secretary of the aforementioned agency, Lisoannette González Ruíz, through written statements, consumers reported long hours of waiting to receive customer service due to the lack of service they experienced last weekend.

In November 2020, Liberty Puerto Rico acquired AT&T’s assets in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Since then, the two companies have been working on the integration process, which it was indicated at the time could take up to 36 months. In the midst of the transition, hundreds of customers have complained about the services they now receive from Liberty.

In particular, there was a wave of complaints last weekend because thousands of the company’s customers experienced problems with their mobile phones and data signal.

“In the past few hours we have seen how hundreds of consumers, some in regular media and others via social media platforms, have complained about a delay of hours, in some cases more than 5 hours, in the presence of a Liberty official.” Puerto Rico through the company’s call center. This is unacceptable. “No consumer should have to wait five hours to be answered by phone,” DACO Acting Secretary commented in written statements.

Gonzalez Ruiz also noted that he urged his inspectors to analyze the situation to decide what action, if any, DACO should take.

“I have given instructions to our inspectors, as well as to the staff of the Office of Compliance and Business Communications (OCEC) to begin preliminary investigations into this matter to assess the area of ​​business in which DACO should be able to intervene, which, as I said, is unacceptable. Communications is a vital service for the people, and we can We understand the malfunctions in voice and data transmission systems, as happened with Liberty’s mobile customers over the past few days, and what is not acceptable in any way is waiting long hours for communication, the owner added.

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