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Cuba’s bus driver is going viral: see what he’s doing

CubitaNOW write ~ Friday, May 19, 2023

Daniel Gutierrez Giron, a bus driver from Santiago de Cuba, has gone viral on social networks in recent hours.

The man assures that he takes the kids and teens for free when they go to school in the morning.

“My passengers give priority to school children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with disabilities and anyone who needs my hand to travel, A7, Punta Gorda, Santiago de Cuba,” said the man. Along with a video originally posted to the Facebook group Bus drivers forever.

Comments poured in on the video. “You are great my brother, his blessings, “God bless you, people like you no longer exist”, “Blessings of my brother for this beautiful work, I hug Santiago de Cuba”, are some of the messages they left in the mail.

“Unbelievable, because where I live if you don’t pay don’t ride, whatever you are, even humanity is lost in this country. That’s why I’m sharing this post and I wish you many blessings, may God reward you with good health so that you continue to help all these people

Our country needs people like you. You are a hero in these trying times for us,” one user commented.

Someone also questioned his gesture. “That’s very good. But school buses should assume that. Well, they are the ones who have this institutional purpose. Now passengers on this route are affected. I don’t know how the payment system is in Santiago, but here in Havana for a very kind heart he can’t driver do.”

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“No passenger is affected, I only prioritize the piece-rate system for what it does and in my opinion it implemented poorly. I have a plan that I have to stick to and adhere to and strive not to be affected, but my sensitivity towards them comes before money,” the driver replied.

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