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Cuban TV announcer pulls Irella Bravo's hair to check if she is wearing a wig

Cuban TV announcer pulls Irella Bravo’s hair to check if she is wearing a wig

Cuban broadcaster and actor Antonio Arroyo Pulling the actress’s hair Irella Bravo to confirm that she is not wearing a wig, which becomes the climax of A Series of Unfortunate Events during an interview on the show. All with Tony.

from the swimming pool Grand Packard luxury hotelIn Havana, Arroyo and Irrela talked about various topics, especially the imprint the actress has left all these years; And although the interview attempted to pay homage to one of Cuba’s most popular artists, it was not without criticism.

At one point in the program, the presenter suggested Iriella Bravo to pin a wig, to which she replied that she did not wear a wig, and to prove it, she allowed them to pull her hair.

“They told me the same thing once on the street,” Bravo said.

However, other questions were more blunt with the actress Live the storyWhen Arroyo asked him if he had Botox, slept in underwear or shaved.

The last two questions were supposedly asked by a viewer of the show, to which the guest exclaimed, “He doesn’t care.”

Screenshot of Facebook / Antonio Arroyo

Although the actress tried to hide her surprise at the question, she could not prevent her face from mixing with a nervous smile and anger, due to her desire to broadcast in government television aspects that are only compatible with her private life.

The news of Arroyo being interviewed by someone she’d known since she was 14 had repercussions on social networks, with many women coming out to Irrela’s defense and decrying the virility the show focused on.

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Ydira Oliva, a member of the “Mothers of Cubans for a Better World” Facebook group, demanded a public apology from the TV presenter for what he had done.

Facebook screenshot

Oliva, who also called on other actresses not to participate in the show, wrote.

The user “Lis y ya …” on Twitter described what happened in the program as “the end of time”, denouncing the reckless and inappropriate questions towards Irella Bravo.

As of this writing, Antonio Arroyo has not commented on the criticisms he has leveled or offered an apology for his actions.

All with Tony It is a television program whose first season started in 2012, and its second season in 2013, and after several years it stopped, it returned to Cuban screens.