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Influencer Manelik Gonzalez puts his eyesight at risk for aesthetic treatment

Influencer Manelik Gonzalez puts his eyesight at risk for aesthetic treatment

Miami.- the InfluencerActress, model, and businesswoman Manelique Gonzalez is experiencing the effects of a plastic surgery operation that her body rejected, specifically in the field of vision.

In the face of this incident, the Mexican returned to the program’s cameras today He is currently undergoing treatment to heal the vision area.

“I’m still receiving treatment. In fact, my condition is much better, but I’m still receiving treatment. The thing is that I could have surgery, but I’m afraid to do something. So, with medications and so on.” “On…I’m canceling the product, let’s see. Patience,” he announced to the production.

According to People in Spanish, The aesthetic procedure led to calcifications in Manelik Gonzalez’s eyes, which are not easy to remove. However, one option may be blepharoplasty. Any type of surgery that removes excess skin on the eyelids.

“…Like a blepharoplasty, they open it up, but we don’t know if the product is irrigated or not; then, it can get worse. It’s like flipping a coin,” explained one program participant. Acapulco Beach From MTV Latin America, who now refuses to undergo any surgical treatment.

“It’s not aggressive stuff, I mean… it’s luck too and it was my turn this time, well, I shouldn’t have to face the consequences,” he added.

Despite his health condition, Manelik Gonzalez is preparing to perform his first play next year.

“I am preparing my character. The truth is that it is a challenge for me because it is the first time I practice theater. I know that it is complicated, but it is not impossible, and I have every position and hope for that.” “Everyone will see me because I will be everywhere in the Republic,” she said excitedly.