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“Celebrity House 4” confirms “La Divasa” as the fifth resident

“Celebrity House 4” confirms “La Divasa” as the fifth resident

Head of the “House of the Famous” He continues to surprise his fans by confirming the celebrities who will join the new season Subordinate “reality show” Which will be shown for the first time – live – on January 23, 2024 by Telemundo.

On this occasion it was up to him Pedro “La Divasa” Figueraa famous content creator LGBTTIQ+ Which is currently considered one of the largest companies in latin america. In the palace, the young man will have to live with other celebrities, among them: Thali Garcia, Gregorio Pernia, Lupillo Rivera And Maribelli Rivera.

born in VenezuelaFigueria ventured in Youtube With stories about the situation in their country of origin. It immediately captured the attention of audiences both nationally and internationally. Their content also revolves around annual awards reviews, vlogs, comedy and topics of social interest.

Today he lives in Mexico He has more than 39,000,000 multi-platform followers who have helped him boost his career. His talent, in addition to his high presence on social networks, also led him to… radio And the television.

How many contestants will there be?

Among the news that was revealed was that the number of contestants will be: 23. The network announced: “Never before have 23 celebrities been confined under the same roof.”

As well as in the new season of “House of Celebrity,” which he will host Nacho Lozano And Ximena GallegoNot only will there be more contestants, but there will also be “more cameras.”

“With more cameras, the drama will explode like never before,” Telemundo announced.

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