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Nyorca Marcos calls Adamari Lopez 'fat and ugly' against Tony Costa

Nyorca Marcos calls Adamari Lopez ‘fat and ugly’ against Tony Costa

actress NEORCA MARCOS harsh criticism against Adamari Lopez during transmission Celebrity House 2 He talks about fitness in Puerto Rico.

Marcos referred to the stage in a Puerto Rican woman’s life in which he gained a lot of weight, describing her as “fat and ugly.”

“There was a time when it got ugly and awkward and fat,” he pointed to Adamari in front of Tony Costa.

Before the comments made in front of several participants of the reality show, Tony lowered her head, but she did not make any comments or criticize her former partner for a decade, but did not express herself in her defense as she did on other occasions.

At another point, Marcus Adamari was also criticized for not defending Tony from comments they made about her sexuality.

And it is also the mother’s fault, because she did not say: He is not the father of my daughter and they respect him. There are times when you have to speak sadly. I love Adamari so much, I just saw it and it really touched me. It’s beautiful, but these are mistakes from the past. said the actress.

Several participants talked about Puerto Rico’s physical change and said that she is beautiful and that she looks much younger than her 50-year-old.

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