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Cuban regime prevents Anameli Ramos from flying back to the island from the United States

Cuban regime prevents Anameli Ramos from flying back to the island from the United States

Cuban Art Teacher and Superintendent Anameli Ramos Blocked For the second time this month To return to CubaThen American Airlines He was told that Cuba was ruling Preventive The airline sent the list of passengers to Havana a few hours before the flight.

The activist condemned the new permit A live After boarding the city’s international airport on Sunday morning from Miami, he changed his plane on the same plane he was trying to board on February 16th.

During his speech, Ramos showed a document obtained by an aeronautical company from Havana, where his entry was vetoed. To the island, he received a copy.

“They are proof that Cuba did not accept me. Since Cuba has not issued a statement denying it, I should have a copy of that notice.”He pointed out.

The document is called “Notice to Passenger Airlines Not Allowed in National Territory” and was signed by Lieutenant Colonel Nestor Morera, Anameli said.

On Saturday night, Ramos received a call from Virginia Sanchez, who attends intergovernmental relations for American Airlines, announcing that he had already received word from Havana that he would not be allowed into Cuban territory.

“Despite this, I decided to go to the airport,” he said. There he met and talked American Airlines officials reiterated that the process affecting her was an existing protocol It is in practice in all countries.

“They would not have given it to me if I had not been persuaded (…) because it’s related to how insecure we are.”He reiterated his campaign since February 16 and demanded the right to return to his country.

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Ramos is in the United States as a tourist and his visa expires in April. The place where he resides on the island is valid. If she continues to be trapped, she will be forced to apply for asylum He said he would not.

As Ramos was barred from returning to Cuba, he spent several days protesting in public places in Miami He led marches that demonstrated the impunity felt by the Cuban regime for expelling people in violation of international law and logic.

“The first human rights violation to return to is going to bring about other rights violations that I have to do in this country like I have no home, I have no residence. I’m going to leave it in an illegal situation soon. . (…) So, this is an immigration problem for the United States, because I’m here, “he said Saturday.

“Cuba does this because they want to silence all the awkward voices (…) and they want to do it without punishment.”He underlined.

“This is unprecedented in the world. Only a dictatorship like Cuba can do such a thing,” he said.

Ramos, a member of the San Isitro movement (MSI) and involved in a sit-in at its headquarters in Havana in late 2020, left the island in January 2021 to pursue his doctoral degree in anthropology. In Mexico ..

He attended the opening ceremony of a contemporary art exhibition in Cuba and Venezuela organized by the Victims of Communism Foundation. Cuban political prisoners.