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The US nuclear submarine conducts security exercises in Cartagena

In an unprecedented event in military history ColombiaFor the first time a nuclear submarine has emerged in the national waters to participate in a tactical defense exercise.

In Cartagena, 176 kilometers to the sea, United States According to the Federal Congress, Colombia is its main military ally outside the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

At seven o’clock, two Colombian warships – the ARC Almirante Padilla and the ARC Independiente – as well as a national submarine, the ARC Pijao, They developed and executed tactical operations in conjunction with the powerful US warship Billings and the USA Minnesota nuclear submarine, specializing in pursuit and attack.

“We found two submarines with bows and two warships and took an American Coast Guard warship. We have a nuclear submarine, which first appeared in Colombian waters as part of this bilateral defense exercise,” the warship captain said. Hector GonzalezCommander of the ARC Brigade Almondo Patila.

This submarine is the true king of the seas, with a length of 110 meters, a displacement capacity of 7,000 tons and a crew of more than 300 crew.

In the global context of military tensions Conflict between Ukraine and RussiaAlready several hundred people are said to have died, and the National Navy and the U.S. Navy have demonstrated the power of an alliance to protect Caribbean waters.

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“We must take into account that today Colombia is a global partner of NATO and we must live up to its meaning,” the Admiral said. Gabriel Alfonso Perez CorseCommander of the National Navy.

The military maneuvers were by sea and air: two ships CN235 aircraft and two helicopters: a Bell 412 and a Dauphin AS365.

Among the adverse conditions of wind and sea, About 600 men and women from both countries attended the military tactical exercise, which began at 8 a.m. Sunday. Once the ships were operational, it was completed at 4 p.m.

“We carried out a tactical maneuver with shipbuilding changes, in a frog-jumping operation of approximately 100 meters between ships. Then once in a row of boats; we fired with 76 and 40 millimeters of artillery,” the commander said.

The night before, ARC Almirante Padilla demonstrated part of the power of his combat artillery by activating artillery shells and explosives.

“It stems from the need to interact with the best partners in Colombia’s partners, such as the United States, with whom we have worked and shared many years of experience. We are measuring and developing capabilities,” Admiral Perez Corse added.

During the military exercise attended by the Minister of National Defense, Diego MolanoAnd part of the military leadership, which was twice postponed due to adverse weather.

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