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Cuban MSME “lares Construcciones SRL” will offer internships for like-minded students

Cuban MSME “lares Construcciones SRL” will offer internships for like-minded students

The Cuban company Mipyme “lares Construcciones SRL” proposes for this summer an internship for students in their field of specialization.

In this case, the students who can choose to improve are those who study architecture and civil engineering. Undoubtedly, this is a new and innovative proposal in the midst of the changing panorama of the island.

The summer program mentioned above will take place between August 1st and 26th, during the teaching holiday only.

It will be designated as “An2 of π”. On this subject, the founder of “lares”, Yulita Hernandez, commented to the agency IPS That the training arose in response to the current need. “Students with job profiles lack professional experience.”

Many of them even already have a place when they graduate. But the Ministry of Labor and Social Security does not allow them to go into the private sector.

Creative projects on hand summer

Exactly this and more will be able to find out all the students who enroll in the training offered by “lares”. Its staff has designed a comprehensive program that makes use of the summer through exchanges between workers and students.

As an added attraction, Mipyme has announced that the functionality will be paid. Thus, students will know what it means to work under contract and salary. In addition, they will receive the same treatment as the company’s professionals.

The internship program is scheduled to consist of two main parts, one curricular and the other extracurricular.

At first, students will live a full working experience. They will also have a business plan as laid out in current employment legislation.

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Regarding the extracurricular part, students will be able to join recreational, environmental, sports and cultural activities.

They will have the opportunity to show their talents if they participate in the competitions organized by “lares”. Without a doubt, it will be a summer of entertainment and learning for those who choose this innovative training.