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Cuban mother who bought food with food stamps in US: “I was inspired”

Cuban mother who bought food with food stamps in US: “I was inspired”

A Cuban mother who recently arrived in the U.S. with her two children expressed her gratitude to the country on the social networking site TikTok after buying food through food stamps, which impressed her.

Cuban has criticized the Cuban government for how badly things are being handled in his own country and for the “hunger” on the island.

“This country is great, not because they give me anything, but because there are ways for your children not to suffer and for you to prosper,” said a woman named Lily. The woman, who arrived in October after a trip through Central America, pointed out that the Cuban government has failed and they are asking for “resistance.”

Further said Despite the dangers of traveling with her children, “it was worth the trip.” “Mothers like me would have come now, little by little we’re going to get there,” she captioned her message.

“I’m impressed, this is just part of what I bought today (shows shopping bags with food stamps) and my daughter is already in a school where they take good care of me,” she commented.

Cubans in the U.S. with food stamps are grateful

According to his profile on social networks, the Cuban arrived in the United States in October. In his release, he thanked “this great country for welcoming me and my children.”

In an interview with journalist Arlene Rodríguez Derivet, Governor Miguel Díaz-Canel a few weeks ago blamed America’s immigration laws for causing people to make dangerous journeys to reach the country. Deterioration of life on the island and lack of basic services.

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What are food stamps? SNAP is a program that provides food assistance to low-income people. Its goal is to improve the nutrition and health of families in need. SNAP allows them to buy healthy foods at approved stores. Many people know them as “food stamps” or “food stamps.”