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Biden asks Congress to extend ban on evictions because Supreme Court ruling does not give his government a choice | Univision Money News

Government Joe Biden He asked Congress on Thursday to extend the ban on evicting those who have not been able to pay rent for a long time That action has a few hours to expire It has protected millions of families in the midst of the epidemic.

The ban was overturned by the Biden administration amid legal challenges reaching the Supreme Court. At the end of June, The High Court ruled that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – the company that initiated the operation. They have no power to stop evictions.

But, at the time, the Supreme Court The July 31 deadline expires and allows for the disbursement of appropriate funds Federal assistance to those who have difficulty paying rent.

Therefore, the White House said in a statement that Congress should act to expand it.

“The Supreme Court has made it clear that this option (for the government to renew the embargo) is no longer available. The congressional hearing about that were exactly where the firing came from.

“In light of the Supreme Court ruling, The president is asking Congress to extend the ban on evictions To protect vulnerable people and their families without delay, ”he said.

The Supreme Court ruling came after the Alabama Real Estate Brokers Association asked for a moratorium, arguing that the move violated the CDC’s authority.

If you are in trouble, help is available

Although economic stimulus packages help pay rent – Approved in March For that he has added about 25,000 million – millions of people are in debt for not being able to pay their rent. This ban, for example, prevents them from being evicted from homes, but it does not eliminate accumulated debts.

Millions of people in the United States have trouble paying rent There are federal grants that make your situation easier. These funds can be used mainly to pay rent, post rent and basic services. Furthermore, Biden in his statement asked that local governments expedite the granting of these concessions.

“The President is emphasizing the states and constituencies that received it (funding from the states) a long time ago Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) Urgently expedite their efforts to provide those funds as a CDC ban on evictions. As some cities and states have proven their effectiveness in providing landlords and tenants, There is no reason for a state or region not to provide those resources quickly. “, He said.