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Cuban Freemasons rebel and ignore the government-imposed Grand Master

Cuban Freemasons rebel and ignore the government-imposed Grand Master

the The Cuban government returned the great teacher Mario Alberto Urquia Carreño in front of The Supreme Council and Grand Lodge of Cubaunleashed a wave of discontent among the Freemasons.

Urquía Carreño has been reinstated by the Directorate of Associations of the Cuban Ministry of Justice (MINJUS).Ignoring the majority decision that the Grand Master no longer wanted his position He was Accused of stealing $19,000Which took place in his office at the beginning of last January, and other events that Freemasonry considered “high treason.”

“The Freemasons do not accept Orquia; A Masonic source, who requested anonymity, told independent media: “Many lodges will agree not to recognize it and inform the Register of Associations at the Ministry of Justice about the matter.” Cubanit.

The same person added that there was “a lot of confusion, but a unanimous feeling of rejection.”

The Freemasons seem determined that if the Grand Master does not resign his position, they will resign their positions.. It is reported that others want to go in large groups to the Grand Lodge building to protest and demand Urquía’s departure. Cubanit.

One of them is the teacher Karel Miralles Sanchezwho stood in the Grand Lodge of Cuba building as a form of protest, demanding that Urquia submit a formal, signed resignation.

“I am not advocating for anything or anyone; “I have been affected by a personal situation, and I am exercising my right to protest, which is one of the first rights given to me when I started at this august institution,” he said in a video.

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Another source she interviewed Cubanit He considered that “if the majority of us Freemasons decide that we do not want him, he must give up his position.” If the mission deems this is not the correct way to expel him, we now repeat the process.

He also added that “the overwhelming majority do not want to continue guiding our brotherhood, which is financially and morally responsible for the loss of the funds that were donated to alleviate the condition of the afflicted brothers.” “Nothing imposed works in a democratic system like ours.”

Along with this standard, another Mason was charged State security is behind this situation He considered that he was “playing with fire.” “Who knows if this is the push we Freemasons need to once and for all place ourselves at the forefront of the changes Cuba needs.”

Some workers in the Grand Lodge of Cuba tendered their resignation as a symbol of disapproval, according to what he said Cubanit.

In March of this year, Urquía Carreño was expelled from the semi-annual session of the Senate.