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Crys Dyaz’s Super Powerful Summer Routine (Pregnant Women Friendly) to Even Out Skin Tone in Record Time

Crys Dyaz’s Super Powerful Summer Routine (Pregnant Women Friendly) to Even Out Skin Tone in Record Time

A name that is repeated in the panorama VIP Spanish to get in shape. She is Diaz screamsHe is famous for training many celebrities such as: Laura Escanes. In April, she shared her third news with her followers. PregnancyThe news, by the way, will not paralyze his fitness world, because he has not stopped training since then. And, of course, the moment of the baby’s birth must be taken care of in the best possible health.

Training is still part of her routine, and saying goodbye to the gym due to her pregnancy news isn’t part of her plans. In fact, she shared one of the most powerful exercises you can do Body toneEspecially the buttocks, whether you are pregnant or not. The recommendation is to do this at least twice a week.Wherever you are, at any time.

(Photos by Kaavan)

(Photos by Kaavan)

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8 exercise routine

The routine consists of 8 exercises, which according to the expert, you should do in two series, with a one-minute rest in between and 20 seconds between each exercise.

Weighted squats

Use dumbbells of a weight that is appropriate for your needs and conditions. The trainer recommends a weight of 8 kg for each arm (but you can adjust it to suit your condition). In fact, you can also use bottles or other similar heavy objects that you have around the house. The key to doing this well: Lift the weight above your shoulders. Do 15 reps.

Push-ups with supported knees

Lower your chest to the floor, keeping your knees supported. Perform 15 repetitions.

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That is, “running in place.” Stand-up jogging, alternately raising the knees to the waist and moving the arms forward and backward. If you’re a beginner, the trainer recommends starting with 40 seconds of exercise. If you’re already ahead, wait one minute.

Boxing punches forward

Keeping your fists closed, perform forward boxing punches without rest at a moderate pace for 30 seconds.

Adapted Burpees

Especially if you are pregnant, place your hands on the chair and do not jump. Do 20 reps at a moderate pace. If you are not pregnant, do the classic burpee exercise.

Rowing with weights

Whether standing or on all fours, add a 3-pound dumbbell and do 15 repetitions.

Isometric wall squat

With your legs at a 90-degree angle, maintain a squat position using the wall to keep your back straight and supported for 30 seconds.

Closed elastic abduction

You can choose to do this exercise in several ways: either standing in a squat position, with the bands over your knees; sitting in a chair or squatting against an isometric wall. Perform 20 repetitions.

Jumping jacks

A vigorous cardiovascular workout to finish the circuit suggested by Diaz, performing 40 seconds of the exercise at a moderate pace.


Squat (Alexander Dubinin)

Other exercises to strengthen the buttocks

Javier Gonzalezanother fitness expert and manager. GG FitnessHe also shares some tips to focus on your buttocks slimming goal. “Simply put, He walks It can also help by increasing daily activity away from training to help achieve the goal as we will strengthen and lose fat. To do this, achieve the minimum 10,000 steps a day “It could be a goal to start with,” he says.

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Also remember the importance of paying attention feed For this area of ​​the body: “Fat in general, depending on gender, accumulates in one place or another. In women, they preferentially accumulate in the buttocks and hips, so we must control their consumption but not reduce it, because there are healthy fats that will help us sculpt our figure.

The trainer also has the top 3 exercises for this lower muscle group. NB:

hip thrust

“This would be the exercise we would stick to if we could only pick one,” he says. “It’s the hip extension, which can be done at different angles: lying flat on the floor, resting your shoulders on a bench… It allows you to move a lot of weight because the glutes are a big muscle that can exert a lot of force. A lot of force.”


Like Diaz, squats are no exception to his strength training repertoire. Of course, doing them well: “Once the technique is right, it’s a very complete exercise that you can also train many muscles like the quadriceps.”

dead weight

Gaining muscle mass and strength in the glutes is important, but it also works the abdomen, back, and biceps.

Don’t just run out of ideas to work on this summer, wherever you are.