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Cruz Azul will go to FIFA to sue Copenhagen over Huesca

Cruz Azul will go to FIFA to sue Copenhagen over Huesca

Mexico City. /

after Rodrigo Huescas leave me Denmark To close your club entry pass Copenhagen With your representative Santiago Arbede, in blue cross They are thinking of resorting to FIFA Prosecute those involved because they see that they will fall into the errors stipulated in Regulations relating to the status and transfers of players.

The defender, who has 11 months left on his current contract with La Machina, has decided to leave for Real Madrid. Old continent Without prior notice to the Celestial Board, and thus without any permission, he fails to comply with the bond that binds him to the Celestial Institution.

In the regulations FIFA Defines how player contracts must be formally made, otherwise There could be penalties. Whether for the club that does not comply with the regulations or for the player’s agency.

What do the FIFA regulations say?

in it Article 17 of the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players It specifies the consequences of terminating contracts without just cause, as happens between Cruz Azul and Huesca.

in it Article 1 Prove it Compensation will be paid. For anyone who terminates the contract without just cause. “In all cases, the party who terminates the contract is obligated to pay compensation.”

in it Article 3 It is certain that there will be sporting sanctions on the parties involved. “The sanction will consist of a four month restriction In his eligibility to play in any official match.”

in it Article 4 There is talk of sanctions on the club: “In addition to the obligation to pay compensation, they must be imposed.” Sports Penalties To the club that terminated the contract during the protected period, or that caused the termination of the contract.”

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Finally, in Article 5 Refers to the termination of a football players agency or agent.

“Everyone is subject to laws and regulations. FIFA Acts in any way that leads to the termination of a contract between a professional player and a club for the purpose of facilitating the player’s transfer.

Cruz Azul thought about it for Apertura 2024

blue cross I was counting on being there Rodrigo Huescas In this Opening 2024 Confident he still has a contract. June 2025. Plus they expected him to show up for training on Monday under orders. Martin Anselmi.