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Cristian Muñiz: The Last of Us mural by the son of Dayanara Torres and Marc Anthony with his girlfriend Kylie Jean Marco | Celebrities from the United States | nndaml | fame

in 2004, s He put an end to the rumors and announced their final separation after nearly four years of being one of the most popular marriages in Latin America, with which she became born in February 2001 and August 2003, respectively.

Although the couple went through the courts after their separation, over time they were able to improve their relationship, and avoid conflicts in favor of their children, with whom they were seen sharing good and funny moments on more than one occasion, in addition to .

Specifically, the largest she knew how to shine with her own light thanks to her talent, a talent that her famous parents do not come close to matching and which she boasted about on social networks.

Marc Anthony and Dayanara Torres with their son Christian (Photo: Dayanara Torres/Instagram)

Moral “The Last of Us” illustrated by Christian Moriz

It has been mentioned on more than one occasion From the couple is Muñiz Torres, who is very close to graduation with his girlfriend Kylie Jean Marco from Tisch University, College of Art where they developed their design potential.

In fact, their creativity exploded in the strangest of times and places, revealed the pair, who designed a mural depicting the plot twist. Season 1 of “The Last of Us”that decorate Kylie’s house.

The impressive work of art was made by hand and in crayons, which is very difficult to collect, and therefore a great difficulty for artists, who are limited in the colors of their creations.

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Christian Muniz and his girlfriend designed a mural inspired by "The last of us" (Photo: sunnysidekylie/Instagram)

Christian Muniz and his girlfriend created a mural inspired by “The Last of Us” (Photo: sunnysidekylie/Instagram)

As you can see, I’m really excited about this show after playing both games while in quarantine with Cristian Muniz.reads the 21-year-old’s post.

In addition to acknowledging her partner’s support, Kylie took the trouble to explain how to create the stunning look on the wall.

I’ve been making this piece tonight for about four or five hours – the right side is the Zombie Clicker from the game and the left is the title card with the Firefly icon on top of it!“, he added.

As detailed, Christian was responsible for making the lines for the creation take shape.

How long are Cristian Moriz and Kylie Jean Marco together?

Through his official account on social networks, the eldest son of Dianara Torres has shared photos expressing his love for his fellow student and friend. Kylie Jean Marco.

The love story of both of them started on January 23, 2019 and has not affected COVID-19 pandemicwhich kept them apart for several months.

Kylie Jean Marco is Christian Muniz's girlfriend (Photo: sunnysidekylie/Instagram)

Kylie Jean Marco is Christian Muniz’s girlfriend (Photo: sunnysidekylie/Instagram)

More information about Christian Moriz

What is the new achievement of Christian Moriz?

On January 2, 2023, Christian Muniz Torres Share the news that He will debut as a comedian Thanks to the superhero series “Burnkinia”a product created by Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez.

The character that the artist will display is “gold, golden kukui”. This book will have its own book that will be released in 2023 and will be added to the list of graphic novels starring Marisol Rios de la Luza fictional character with superhuman strength, the power of flight, and storm control. .

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Where does Dayanara Torres and Marc Anthony’s son live?

Christian Muniz Torres He is the eldest son of the couple and an accomplished graphic artist and follower of comics and pop culture epics, whose social networks have exceeded 15,000 followers.

the guy Lives in New YorkVery close to the Big Apple, where he moved to continue his art studies and where weeks ago he welcomed his mother, Dayanara Torres, to Mother’s Day Celebration.

Marc Anthony and Dayanara Torres, parents of Ryan and Christian (Photo: MMOZ/Instagram)

Marc Anthony and Dayanara Torres, parents of Ryan and Christian (Photo: MMOZ/Instagram)