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Costco begins selling gold in the US “online and in bullion form”

Costco begins selling gold in the US “online and in bullion form”

One of the largest supermarket chains in the United States sells gold bullion. This is Costco, which through this initiative has seen tremendous demand for the product. This was confirmed by its director, Richard Galanti, the chain’s chief financial officer.

In this sense, gold is always a good investment asset in financial markets in periods of crisis and uncertainty.

Costco, which acts as one of the major distribution chains in North America, has taken advantage of this situation by selling gold bullion on its website.

So this trend is currently extending to the population and it is clear that we are talking about a new way of selling gold.

Although the bars cannot be obtained from physical stores, customers have the opportunity to purchase them online. The method seems to be working perfectly, as the company announced that it was completely sold out within a very short time.

For his part, Jonathan Rose, co-founder of Genesis Gold Group, expressed that it is an effective upgrade. Therefore, this may appeal to a certain segment of Costco’s shopping customers.

The ounces are printed with a doll that Costco calls the “Swiss Goddess of Luck Veriscan.” Thus, this Swiss Made Ounce weighs 34 carats and can be purchased online for US$1900.00 per unit.

However, Costco warns that this product cannot be returned, which is an exception in the large chains’ trading system.

How can you buy gold in the US through Costco?

The company had to limit purchases to two units per customer due to its increased interest in the display. In this sense, Richard Galanti explained it so much that each new shipment is sold out in just a few hours.

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But there is also another condition in order for you to be able to buy this supermarket product. We’re talking about the fact that it’s mandatory to be a Costco member, and membership can cost between $60.00 and $120.00 per year depending on the type.

Moreover, although this offer seems more attractive, the same ounce of gold from Veriscan can be purchased online from other sites specializing in precious metals.