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Copa America 2024 | Will Leo Messi play against Ecuador? Scaloni reveals details of his physical condition

Copa America 2024 | Will Leo Messi play against Ecuador? Scaloni reveals details of his physical condition

Less than 24 hours separate us from the decisive quarter-final match Copa America 2024 against Ecuadortrainer Argentina Lionel ScalonShe talked about the possible formations and the current situation of the team, which includes: Possible participation of Lionel Messiwho missed the last match against Peru Due to discomfort in the right adductor muscle.

The fight, which will be held in Houston, keeps fans in a state of uncertainty before Inter Miami player likely to miss matchThe strategist explained that the inclusion of his team captain in the starting lineup will be determined a few hours before the match.

Let’s wait a few hours. We will make the decision, it is better. We have a good feeling.Scaloni commented on the condition of the 37-year-old striker, who has intensified his ball training during recent training sessions.

Doubts surround Messi

When asked if Leo Messi could be on the bench, the coach revealed that: The discussion on this matter is still pending.“I haven’t talked about his situation with Leo yet. Today I will talk about it, we will wait until the last moment,” said the helmsman, who apparently hopes to count on him in the match against Leo. Ecuador.

As Scaloni mentioned, Possibility of Julian Alvarez and Lautaro Martinez playing together In attack. The coach said: “Maybe they play together, they already played together against this opponent. They worked well and this is an option. We have to see how they all do.”

Despite the above, The decision to include both strikers does not necessarily depend on Messi’s participation.But his absence will change the dynamic of the team. Scaloni confirmed: “Leo played with Julian or Lautaro, what bothers me is that Leo is not playing, that’s the reality. We will try to keep him there and if he is not there we will look for what is best for the team.”

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Their competitors’ options in the tournament

We look forward to their match against Ecuador, The strategist acknowledged the efforts made to build a competitive team.“It’s a team that works very well, with good players and a good coach. Before I started the Cup I said I had a real chance to fight and I still think the same.

Although he previously mentioned that Argentina is the main reference as a candidate for the title, he Scaloni did not detract from the other teams.“It’s a Copa America at the highest level, and Colombia, Uruguay and Brazil can win it. Yesterday there was a high-level match between Colombia and Brazil. “I’m not surprised by Uruguay’s performance.”

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finally, The coach explained that he does not trust his good numbers. When it comes to a one-game qualifier: “In the end that statistic could be broken and we will have to start from scratch, but if you look at the historical statistics, Argentina wins more than they lose and I think that’s where the issue comes from. Tomorrow we will play the game as if it lasted 180 minutes.”