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Congress approves motion urging President Castillo to resign

Congress approves motion urging President Castillo to resign

(CNN Spanish) – Peru’s Congress on Thursday approved a motion urging President Pedro Castillo to resign permanently “for the moral good of the nation.”

Congresswoman for Avanza Pais Rosselli Amoroz Dolanto supported her proposal and mentioned the people killed in the events related to the protests against the carrier strike that began on March 28, and part of the population does not agree with the government’s mandate.

In eight months, there were 50 ministers of state and three ministerial governments. Amoroz Dulanto, according to a statement issued by the Congress, said that this proposal should be the unanimous approval of the members of Congress in solidarity with the deceased citizens.

Peru’s Congress votes against Castillo’s vacant motion 2:26

The motion was approved by 61 votes to 43 against, with one abstention.

What Parliament passes is merely a call to resign, and although it does not obligate or obligate the President to leave office, it is a manifestation of the will or political position of Parliament.

So far, Castillo has not commented on the matter. CNN has contacted the government palace and is still waiting for a response.

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