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Comecyt invites you to participate in the Postgraduate Scholarships in Health Sciences

Comecyt invites you to participate in the Postgraduate Scholarships in Health Sciences

The Government of the State of Mexico, through the Mexiquense Council for Science and Technology (Comecyt), invites individuals appointed to health institutions pursuing major or master’s studies, to participate in the call for the Edoméx Second Promotion 2021 Postgraduate Scholarship.

At a working meeting with the Minister of Health of the State Government of Mexico, they announced that graduate students will be able to advance to specialty or master’s programs (Image: Private).

In the presentation of this call, which was held in the facilities of the Ministry of Health of the State Government of Mexico, the Minister of Health of the entity Francisco Fernandez Clamont stated that the most important thing in the health sector is women. And men who care about the residents of the State of Mexico, this scholarship will help them get better tools to provide a good service to the residents.

For her part, Director-General of the Institute of Social Security of the State of Mexico and Municipalities (ISSEMyM), Bertha Alicia Casado Medina, stressed the importance of investing in this type of program, because the first promotion of this year supported employees from the Regional Hospital in Tlalnepantla, the medical centers in Toluca and Ecatepec, as well as About the regional hospitals of Valle de Bravo, Tenancengo and Atlacomulco.

Finally, the Director General of Comecyt, Bernardo Almaz Calderon, emphasized that “in this year’s second call, for this type of scholarship, we focused on supporting staff assigned to the entity’s public health institutions, since Governor Alfredo del Mazo has asked us to appreciate and support those who They have been on the battlefronts against COVID for a year.”

He described that the scholarship consists of a monthly cash support of 8,000 pesos and that some of the requirements are: to be a resident of the State of Mexico, not to be a direct beneficiary of another social development program, to be accepted. To study or study in a master’s degree and to join a public health institution in the state of Mexico.

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The application period will be open until August 20. The call can be consulted at comecyt.edomex.gob.mx.