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Colombian Jorge Luis Pinto will be chosen to lead the Guatemala national team - Diez

Colombian Jorge Luis Pinto will be chosen to lead the Guatemala national team – Diez

Jorge Luis Pinto He has received many rewards to be the strongest candidate to be the new artistic director of Guatemala selection And lead the project to the 2026 World Cup. The Colombian coach can return to the Central American circuit and will only lose the official agreement.

After many resumes that arrived at the offices FedefutFinally, they managed to obtain a few brochures relating to the professions of some famous technicians, among them Avanador door.

however, Gerardo Baez, President Guatemalan Football AssociationHe would have chosen what he was doing Jorge Luis Pinto And of all the suitors who came, he would be the one.

Guatemalan media says that the Colombian coach will arrive in a few days to Guatemala To meet with the leadership of two young men to talk about the project that he plans to establish in the Shabin region. In fact, they argue that he has already dispatched a workforce.

It should be noted that if the signature occurs, Jorge Luis Pinto He will be responsible for his third selection from a region CONCACAF After I successfully exit Costa Rica, which was classified as 2014 World Cup in Brazil And where he came to play the quarter-finals. Global teacher.

then go down Honduras To lead the “H” to world Cup from Russia 2018However, the story culminated in a painful elimination in the intercontinental play-off Australia. later work with Millionaires of his country and spent a short time in Choose the United Arab Emirates.