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Colombia, the source for Bible scholars and pastors for Latin America

Colombia, the source for Bible scholars and pastors for Latin America

As good as Europe and the United States, the Evangelical Pastoral Institute of Latin America (IBPL) has established itself, since its creation in 1999, as a resource for biblical researchers and pastors in Colombia and throughout the continent. So Fidel Unoro, dean of the School of Biblical and Spiritual Pastoral Studies at Universidade Minoto de Dios (Uniminuto) in Bogota, confirmed to Vida Nueva.

For the Colombian priest, “Latin America has had a missionary journey of more than 500 years” and “requires people trained at the highest level of interpretation, in biblical pastoral care, and interpretation based on the various realities of the region.”

For this reason, starting the institute in 2002 with a degree in Biblical Science, “We have over 300 alumni, and there is little consequence in the impact that the word has had in Latin America.”

It’s been 20 years down the road, which It began as a free Bible study space and quickly became a professional profession with professionals supporting (and contributing to) In various processes of Bible study at the national level in the ecclesiastical, educational and organizational fields.

High quality standards

John Freddy Mayor, IBPL Program Director, emphasized that this biblical science program is “unique in the country due to its preferential choice in the study of the biblical text,” and thus “the interest has been in standardizing a study offering that meets the best standards in the field of biblical science.”

In training they go over the original texts (Hebrew and Greek), apply exegetical and hermeneutic methodologies, and do literary text study and research. Thus they formed a faculty specializing in Biblical science, biblical theology, and education “to make teaching the Bible a meaningful experience.”

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Actually, depending on the track and academic requirements, “The course in biblical sciences has twice been recognized as ‘high quality’ by the Colombian Ministry of National Education.”

Mayor said, “Recognition of professional programs that achieve the highest standards in teaching, research, and academic processes, which in the case of Bible science are very demanding because of the study of ancient languages ​​and the absence of programs of this kind in the nation’s universities.”

Methods and characteristics

The mayor noted that “maintaining a training program in this field is an achievement for both the churches and the university because of the knowledge that this science produces,” for which he invites those interested in learning about the program to Visit their website.

The duration of the program is 8 semesters (four years), it is delivered face to face, in the city of Bogota, in morning or evening sessions and You have the possibility of taking a full semester or the option of free courses that are comparable to the degree.

You can also write to [email protected] or phone +57 315 ​​3489967. You can also find out more about the institute and the program at the following link: https://youtu.be/Hh1fJSxDojg

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