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College of Political and Social Sciences celebrates its seventieth anniversary

College of Political and Social Sciences celebrates its seventieth anniversary

The Faculty of Political Science s social (FCPySIt turned 70 after its founding on May 3, 1951, although its activities began until July 25 of that year with 136 people attending the students, 13 of them a woman.

The FCPyS It currently has a factory from teachers From the first level who has postgraduate studies, you belong to the national system for Researchers Or she was deserving of many academic recognition

In addition, it has a large presence in front of public opinion through its press contributions to the newspapers and magazines circulating nationwide.

picture: FCPyS

Research in science social Who develops FCPyS It has led to it being recognized as a college of excellence, where ProfessionalsAnd the teachers e Researchers Able to analyze historical processessocial Contemporaries, above all, propose solutions to them, while training professionals for the world of work in the following six professions:


Communication Sciences

Political science and public administration

· International relations


Through his Twitter account, FCPyS They announced this as part of their 1970s celebrations Anniversary From his foundation he will hold a video conference, in these times of the covid-19 pandemic, on May 24th at 12:00 pm, through Facebook and YouTube accounts

Javier Garcíadigo Dantan, Gina Zablodovsky Cooper, Enrique Gonzalez Pedrero, Octavio Rodriguez Araujo and Carola García Calderon will participate in this.

Here you can see it.

(Luis Ramos)

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