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Clara Xia Marty Seeks Help With Health Crisis After Shakira Attacks On ‘BZRP Music Sessions 53’

After more than two weeks Shakira He released his new single, and the topic has become a part of the conversation online and more things keep coming up about the release. Although it was announced Clara Shea Marty Long after the Colombian dropped this bombshell, it was recently revealed that the 23-year-old is asking help obligatory to calamity from Health distance attacks singer in BZRP Music Sessions 53.

That is, within a letter BZRP Music Sessions 53And Shakira Not only did he throw many hints at his ex-partner, Gerrard Piquebut also made use of the letter to make comparisons between Clara Shea Marty, with a Twingo car and a Casio watch. In connection with this, the inner circle of the young Barcelonan has already said that Clara was in very good shape, because she always liked to remain very neutral on these controversial issues.