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Chyno Miranda: How COVID-19 caused the singer's encephalitis |  Chino and Nacho |  celebrity nnda nnlt |  Chica

Chyno Miranda: How COVID-19 caused the singer’s encephalitis | Chino and Nacho | celebrity nnda nnlt | Chica

After suffering a serious case of COVID-19 last year, He is still recovering and facing the consequences of the virus. Venezuelan singer and member of the popular duo Chyno y Nacho says that as a result of the disease, he contracted encephalitis, which changed his life forever.

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The 36-year-old contracted COVID-19 in late 2020. The disease caused encephalitis and severe body aches. As a result, Chyno Miranda lost her physical mobility and communication skills, so when she left the hospital, she had to learn to walk again.

This situation caused him anxiety and severe depression. This is how he said it himself Through an animated video on Instagram, where he revealed the details of the journey he was living as a result of the consequences of COVID-19.

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Through your Instagram account, He posted a video detailing the process he went through after contracting COVID-19, the consequences of the disease and the state of health he is currently going through.

“I want all my fans to know that I am here with all the love in the world to talk to you. I want them to know everything, the truth of the whole thing and that I love them so much,” Miranda says in the video posted last Wednesday, July 21.

The clip begins with Miranda and his wife, Natasha Araus, singing “Raro” by duo Chino & Nacho in a hospital bed where he looks a lot thinner. Later, the urban music singer appeared in an interview on July 13 in which he appears to have regained his weight, but continues with the nervous consequences.

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The encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) that the artist suffered affected his physical movement and communication skills, so when he left the hospital, he had to learn to walk again. This caused him anxiety and severe depression.

“It affected me, yes, yes of course it affected me. It was difficult moments, I was very depressed, my sadness was very … When I came home, I had to learn to shower, do everything again,” said the singer.

The translator of “I’m Falling in Love” and “My Pretty Girl” accompanied the post on Instagram with the phrase “The sun will always shine,” a message from the tattoo he has on one of his arms.

After the case of Chyno Miranda, many questioned why the artist had contracted encephalitis after COVID-19. Dr. Eduardo Yepez explains why the Venezuelan singer continues to grapple with the consequences of this disease, nearly a year after contracting the virus.

“Covid-19 is a disease that can affect several organs, that is, it is a multi-system disease. Among the diseases or symptoms that a COVID-19 patient can have is encephalitis and it can cause behavioral disturbances and thinking disorders in some people. The bad thing about COVID is -19 is that it is a very dynamic disease that we have not yet fully understood,” Dr. Eduardo Yepez began explaining to Telemundo.

In particular about the case of Chyno Miranda, the specialist explained that people with encephalitis as a result of COVID-19 tend to relapse and that the development process is not as linear as in other cases.

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“It is common for people with encephalitis to have relapses in its development. It is not a linear development, and it is not what we are used to seeing in encephalitis caused by bacteria, that once treatment is started, recovery is gradual and linear. However, in this type of viral disease , is new and we still cannot understand how to focus its development, where relapses can occur,” the doctor added.