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Chaos in Spirit: Cancels 60% of its flights and the company is not responding |  Aharon

Chaos in Spirit: Cancels 60% of its flights and the company is not responding | Aharon

Since the weekend, thousands of passengers have been affected by ongoing flight cancellations across the United States and in Puerto Rico.

Monday, speaker make it known canceled flights news They contacted the company to ask for their reaction after several passengers reported that the cancellation was due to a conflict with employees who had gone on strike.

The airline denied this account and said the cancellations were due to “operational challenges” and weather conditions.

Since then, speaker He contacted the company two more times, which again did not respond despite it continuing to cancel flights to and from Puerto Rico.

Since then, he has only posted the following message on his website:

Note: We are experiencing operational challenges in some areas of our network, please check your email and flight status before going to the airport. Due to the long queues at the airport, the quickest way to get assistance is to call us at 844 – 989-7283 or give us a call at WhatsApp at 855-728-3555 Type the word “Hello” or text us at 48763.

This morning, its website reported that flights to Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia and Boston and three flights to Orlando departing from the island have been cancelled.

At some airports in the US, the situation was so chaotic that it was reported as if Spirit was suffering from the impact of a hurricane.

The Florida-based low-cost airline canceled 277 flights on Monday, or 36% of its scheduled flights, in addition to canceling 165 flights on Sunday. Yesterday Tuesday, they canceled 61% of their flights for a total of 429.

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And this morning they canceled 306 flights again, which is 45% of all their planes scheduled to take off. but in the evening, That number has risen to 418, which is equivalent to 60% of its planes that have crashed. Thus, the airline is the third airline that has canceled the most flights in the past hours globally, according to flight tracking services.