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Caos en cumbre en Cancillería: Seguridad presidencial saca a los asistentes para revisarlos uno por uno

Chaos at summit at State Department: President’s security escorts participants out for one-by-one debriefing

At 9:15 this Friday morning, dozens of participants and guests were escorted out of the conference hall for the opening ceremony of the XIX Latin American Summit in the presence of President Luis Abinader. will be reviewed by the agent’s security.

The ballroom entrance and lobby were packed with guests.

Congresswoman Julianna O’Neill left the room, discreetly announcing as she walked that she was leaving because “it’s hot and there’s nowhere to sit.”

Presidential security officers arrived shortly after 9:00 am and told the occupants to leave the room.

The summit will be the first to be held in the country and will be chaired by the Head of State and attended by OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro.

The room where the act was scheduled to take place was apparently packed with people, and some had to stand and chairs had to be placed in the back to accommodate some of the guests.

The event takes place in Room B of the Convention Center of the Dominican Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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