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Cell phone information can be heard, even if it is turned off

Cell phone information can be heard, even if it is turned off

The battery mobile phones It allows all the information it contains to be heard or seen, even if it is turned off, the doctor enters Economics and Business at the Autonomous University of San Luis de Potosi, mexico, Juan Carlos Yanez Luna.

“It can be difficult to know who can see or hear” the content of all the information in a file Mobile phone When the onBut he added in statements to reporters that this is possible because “everything is stored in one point.”

For example, it could be the servers where information is stored Access To him, as may also be the case with platforms such as Facebook also Google MapsIn the latter case, it can know the location of the person who owns the device or the route he took at a specific time.

For this reason, he highlighted the importance of “paying attention and knowing exactly what can be presented and what should be kept silent” when uploading information to a device or computer, behind which servers, platforms or social networks have been contracted.

He explained that technology And the Artificial Intelligence (AI) It has affected society in such a way that citizens cannot just disappear from the world, but they must “be careful” when downloading and commenting on that technology.

Yanez advised Luna not to post public information on these platforms that she does not want to use and to only upload what she wants.

He also said that AI is not a new topic and has been working on it for many years, but it has now gained momentum due to the advancement of processors that have become more powerful and can work on algorithms very quickly.

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This allows “all the information to be processed very quickly, in seconds,” Yáñez Luna emphasized.

At this meeting, members of Congress discuss, among other aspects, ethics and technology in areas such as retail, tourism, education, protectionTechnological changes, artificial intelligence, and gender differences.

development Amnesty International The fact that humans are developing to the extent that technology allows, for example, implants in the body.

This was stated by Yanez Luna at the international meeting Ethicompwhich brings together 68 Experts From 15 countries at the Spanish University Riojain order to address the ethical and social impact Information and Communications Technology (ICT).