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Carolina Herrera calls 40-year-old women with long hair and jeans “ridiculous.”

Carolina Herrera calls 40-year-old women with long hair and jeans “ridiculous.”

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A little over a decade ago, Carolina Herrera gave an interview to the official magazine of New York Fashion Week. In it, he was asked about redesigning an area in lower Manhattan, which will be a major attraction for citizens and tourism. His response was blunt: “I never move below 59th Street.” This is where New York City’s most famous and emblematic beginnings begin and the Upper East Side, the richest neighborhood in the city where the designer resides, ends.

by: Clarion

With her white shirt, slicked-back blonde hair and pearls, Carolina Herrera, 85, embodies New York high society elegance better than anyone else. However, María Carolina Josefina Bacanense Nino (her real name until she changed her last name when she married Reynaldo Herrera), was born on January 8, 1939 in Caracas, the embrace of one of the wealthiest and most influential families in Venezuela.

Carolina Herrera usually gives off a tense and classic image, and she also tends to be uncompromising in matters of fashion, style and elegance, which has earned her more than one controversy. She shined in the last part of 2020, when she said in an interview with the Daily Mail: “Only women without class have long hair after the age of forty.” The phrase that sparked anger on social media has now, three years later, become a trend again after his old statements spread.

She explained: “Women should age gracefully and not try to be an age they are not, otherwise they will look ridiculous.” I see many women on the street, and from behind they look very beautiful with their long hair and little skirts. But when they turn around…argh, they’re old!

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