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Carlos Valdes sends a direct message to Gustavo Petro, we don't want disappointment outside football

Carlos Valdes sends a direct message to Gustavo Petro, we don’t want disappointment outside football

Opponents over l? This was demonstrated by prominent figures in politics such as Federico Gutiérrez and Enrique Gómez who competed with Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández, or even against Petro athletes such as Egan Bernal or Carlos Valdés. This time it was the ex-football player from Cali who gave his opinion on the new president-elect.

Gustavo Petro will take office on August 7, when Ivan Duque’s presidency ends. With Francia Marquez as Vice President, they will be promoted to the Nariño House. Cordovan will have several tasks, among which is calming the waters in a politically divided country, evidence of this was the slight difference in votes with his opponent in the second round, Rodolfo Hernandez.

Democracy and the country spoke on Election Day on June 19. Gustavo Petro’s victory provided an opportunity for some politicians and sports figures to remind him of this subtle electoral difference with Rodolfo Hernandez. Egan Bernal, one of them, who respected the vote of 11 million Colombians, who left anonymous with a powerful final message “I hope you prove us wrong”.

In turn, Carlos Valdes, former defender of the Colombian national team and Colombian clubs such as Santa Fe, America, Real Cartagena and others abroad in San Lorenzo, Philadelphia Union and Nacional de Uruguay, used social networks to warn the president-elect, Gustavo Petro, “President Gustavo Petro, makes a difference. He has documented Your people to lay the foundations for a just and necessary change for all You have the opportunity and the responsibility to call for national reconciliation free of hatred and revenge We cannot afford another disappointment.

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A strong end to the letter, as much is expected of Gustavo Petro in a change of political orientation that has prevailed in the past twenty years. The first time a president from the left wins and ascends to the nation’s mandate.