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Carlos Ponce remembers when they told him that Pepillo Origel “was waiting for him at the foot of the mattress.”

  • Adrián Uribe invited Carlos Ponce to his night show “At night, but without sleep”.
  • Christian Nodal, Michel Renault, Consuelo Duval and Galilea Montejo are some of the guests of the first season of the show.

Carlos Pons He is one of the most famous Mexican soap opera pioneers who made his soap opera debut in 1993 with “Guadalupe” where he starred alongside Adela Noriega and Eduardo Yáñez.

The Puerto Rican who was distinguished by his talent and was known for being brave thanks to his charisma and green looks, apparently he would have attracted attention, otherwise Juan Jose Uriel “Pepelo”.

It was on At Night, But Without Sleep, hosted by Adrien Uribe, where Carlos Ponce shared his unique anecdote with the host, “With permission.”

“I got to my apartment, I was working in Mexico and I asked (the doorman) tell me please, I have a message and the man tells me everything is serious, Mr. Juan Jose Uriel calls him, ‘yes tell me’ and this is my craftsman telling me ‘what awaits you at the bottom of the mattress'” , So where? From Au Pied de Cochon”, Puerto Rico shared.

“Pepilo is handsome, I’d go see him at the bottom of the mattress, that doesn’t happen.”jokingly added the actor.

But, ‘pebelo He wasn’t trying to flirt with the handsome actor, as he meant rather the famous French restaurant located in Polanco, so she explained Adrian Uribe.

Carlos Ponce remembers when Pepillo put up a bold bid, did he get the vibes?

“It’s the French food restaurant called Au Pied de Cochon, which means pig’s foot, but they told you at the bottom of the mattress,” he said, laughing after Carlos Ponce’s anecdote.

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