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Adamari Lopez: “I would like my daughter to be with me all the time”

Miami, Florida.

Adamary Lopez He was sad that he had to Separated from his daughter Aliawhen you have to Spending time with his father the Spanish dancer Tony Costa.

Recently she is small Alaa went on vacation with Tony Costa to Spain.

The actress also realized that she doesn’t like this spacing, even though she knows it’s best for her 7-year-old daughter.

“What I want is what’s best for my daughter, and for her to have the opportunity to share it with her father, even if it makes me angry,” he admitted. Adamary Lopez In a program “Today” (Telemundo).

“I would like her to be with me all the time, but this is something so important and so healthy for her that we can work on the rest as adults, but for her we have to do our best,” Puerto Rico said. .

Alaa left for Spain with Tony Costa To spend the end of the year with his family, this is the first time that he has been separated for a long time from his famous mother.

“It’s mixed feelings for her and me,” said the Puerto Rican woman, after saying goodbye to her daughter at the airport, knowing she would not see her for 11 days.

However, he also admits that the girl “continues to share and live with the rest of the family and spend some very beautiful days with her grandmother and with her great-grandmothers and cousins ​​and uncles.”

With information from People en Español.

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