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JLo celebrates 2023 in a plunging neckline dress

the look which he received famous 2023 They have provided much to talk about since the wee hours of Sunday, shining like never before with the most popular and glamorous bets ranging from Fishnet jumpsuit so tight white dresses; However, there is a famous personality who has overshadowed many. It comes to Jennifer Lopez, Who did not hesitate to flaunt her most elegant and sensual outfits Deep neckline

amidst the festivities The new yearthe first as Ben Affleck’s wife, JLo He took a few minutes to show off photos and videos of his successful outfit for the season, in which he once again chose red as his favorite Perfect color to impose fashion and waste style; It must be remembered that the entire month of December She paralyzed the whole world with this tone in the most elegant look. Likewise, he used the black color with the long skirt, which gave the most elegant look.

JLo shows off her look in 2023. (Photo: IGjlo)

Through her Instagram stories, the actress and singer shared a bit of her celebration, and although she was surprised in the recording by appearing in “2023” golden glasses, the rest of her clothes crowned her as the best-dressed woman. From the year for this, he chose a sophisticated two-tone long dress, Which stands out in the blouse area with an intense red color and deep neck v Plus it leaves naked.

In addition, JLo She sparkled by choosing a silk design, which also gave a very bright image to the entire dress, which was completed at the same time with a heart-shaped brooch accompanying the narrow waist to add more harmony to the figure by defining the small waist and elongating the body.

On the other hand, stand out long skirt Where the feet are completely hidden and thus helping to create a more elongated shape; In this second part of the design, A Black color Which, because of how compact it is, gives the final touch to elegance to the whole look and counteract the risky neckline. In addition to giving a talk about fashion, the interpreter of “On the Floor” explained it After the age of 50, you can flaunt an iconic style with which you will steal all eyes.

This is the luxurious dress with which JLo conquered her fans. (photo: IGjlo)

While to complete a perfect picture of receive 2023, She just added a fancy ring that gives the look a little more glamorous touch; for her hair, JLo It continues to show that the XXL fit and layered legging is perfect for flaunting the aesthetic. When it came to her hair color, she stayed true It highlights the already famous caramel that achieves a rejuvenating effect immediately.

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